Judge Brown Jackson and America’s moment of racial reckoning

Racial reckoning: An American tradition

As defined by Professor Edward Bonilla-Silva, race is “an organizing principle of social relationships that shapes the identity of individual actors at the micro level and shapes all spheres of social life at the macro level”.

Racial progress is never without white nativist backlash

Indeed, whenever US’s racialised communities took a step towards achieving racial justice, they faced a white nativist backlash.

Our current moment of racial reckoning

— After countless cyclical episodes of racial reckoning and nativist retrenchment, today US society is once again making a move towards racial justice.



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Sahar Aziz

Sahar Aziz

Professor of Law | Director of Center for Security, Race and Rights at Rutgers Law School | Author of The Racial Muslim: When Racism Quashes Religious Freedom